Friday, July 20, 2007

Al Gore wouldn't approve...

Every time I do something that goes against the environmentalist and man-made global warming dogma, I always think, "Al Gore wouldn't approve of this."

For example:
-Driving to the gym that is a fence hop away from my apartment complex.
-Lowering my thermostat temperature when it is really hot.
-Making multiple driving trips when I could have condensed them into one trip.
-Not changing out my regular light bulbs and installing the fluorescent bulbs so I don't break them and turn my apartment building into a chemical hazard.

Well, I still burn less electricity that he does on his private jet. And my car gets almost 30mpg on the highway. So, I guess I am doing more for the environment than the Distinguished Professor of Global Warming Studies. I can't even afford a regular commercial ticket...well, there's the Visa..."everywhere you want to be"...

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