Monday, August 20, 2007

Grill Pan IN, Foreman Gril OUT

For the past few years, I have been a user of the George Foreman grill. I have had many problems with the grill. Even when cooking on one side of the grill and turning over the meat, the meat would always come out overcooked and very dry. This is due to the fact that there are not any temperature controls on the Foreman grill. The temperature is very hot, so when cooking a thick chicken breast or steak, the outside of the meat usually burns and goes dry before the inside begins to cook. When the meat is finally cooked to safety standards, it is very tough and just plain unsatisfying. Furthermore, the Foreman grill is difficult to clean, especially when using a gooey marinade. I mean, I can't throw it in the sink to soak, and the "non-stick surface" is not so "non-stick."

I decided to test out a grill pan. It is basically a pan with grill lines that can be used on a stove. It is probably one of the best kitchen purchases I have made. So far, I have cooked a salmon fillet and a boneless, skinless chicken breast. The chicken breast cooked so much better on the grill pan. I was able to cook the meat thoroughly while maintaining the flavor, juiciness, and overall texture of the meat. I used to dread the nights I planned on cooking chicken breasts, but now that I am cooking it on a better grill, I think those meal plans will no longer be so bad.

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