Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some things to think about (future posts?):

When you see someone you know at a distance, do you immediately acknowledge them or do you wait until they get closer?

Marilyn Manson and similar artists got the blame for Columbine. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan get the blame for everything wrong with teenage girls. No one seems to mind. However, when someone blames a problem on rap music, some automatically call it racism. How is it different?

Aren’t average people actually doing a lot more to save the environment than the celebrities and politicians promoting environmentalism without even changing their lifestyles?

If you believe that everyone’s religious/moral beliefs are equal, then how can you say that the beliefs of someone who doesn’t feel that way are wrong?

How much cheaper would college tuition be if the campuses were more a cluster of dorms and classrooms rather than mini-resorts with lush landscaping, “free” gyms, “free” medical clinics, other “free” services, and state of the art technology in the facilities?

Why is it that a music teacher would be laughed at by his musical colleagues if his plan for improving his groups’ ratings was simply to add more rehearsals, but the state solution for poor reading and math test scores is to add more hours of reading and math instruction?

Given all of the “non-denominational” churches that have popped up over recent years, aren’t these churches kind of becoming a denomination?

Okay, so I kind of took this one from someone else: While everyone is discussing CEO pay relative to what others in those companies make, why don’t we hear about the salary of Oprah’s secretary, or Ben Affleck’s cook, or the wages of the men that built John Edwards’ mansion?

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