Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weekly Totals: Great Savings on Meat at W/D


Spent: $37.10
Saved: $21.19
Total Value: $58.29
Percent Saved: 36%

All of the meat was on sale. They weren't the best prices, but that's better than driving around to multiple stores. 

Chicken Leg Quarters
Buy One Get One Free 
Price: $0.90 per pound
These can be as low as $0.29/lb at some stores.

Chuck Roast
Buy One Get One Free
Price: $2.30/lb
Seen it as low as $1.99/lb but not lately

Chuck Eye Steak
Price: $4.99/lb down from $6.39/lb

Ground Beef
Price: $1.99/lb
Sometimes, this can be as low as $1.69/lb at some stores.

Jimmy Dean Cooked Sausage, $4.39 (Reg Price)
$1.50 off Store Coupon Peelie (meat expires on Jan 4, 2011) 
$1 off Manufacturer Coupon


Spent: $18.10
Saved: $14.27
Total Value: $32.37
Percent Saved: 44%


Broccoli Bunch, $2 Sale

Oscar Meyer Bacon, $3.50 Sale
(2) $1 off Oscar Meyer Bacon Target Coupon
$1 off 2 Oscar Meyer Bacon Manufacturer Coupon

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, $3.69
Buy One Get One Free

Monday, December 20, 2010

CVS: Free Stuff



Spent: $1.14
Saved: $17.83
Total Value: $18.97
Percent Saved: 94%
ECBs Used: $13.00
ECBs Earned: $2.00

I had $13.00 in ECBs that expired today, so I had to just go and buy stuff. At least there was one product that I needed that I could roll to earn some more ECBs. I actually got the coupon for the Tylenol from a tearpad at another store. I've only started to see tearpads in places recently. 

Tylenol Precise Patch, $7.79
$2 in Extra Care Bucks
$2 off Tylenol Precise Product 

Everything else were fillers. The foam soap was $5.49. The sanitizer was $1.19 and the gum was on sale for $2.50. I had the 20% off Holiday pass to use on the regularly priced items. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly Grocery Totals: 57% off



Spent: $11.40
Saved: $14.85
Total Value: $26.25
Percent Saved: 57%

I didn't need to get much this week. I will be swinging by Publix tomorrow on the way home from church to get the unadvertised fully cooked Jimmy Dean breakfast meat that is $3. Here are the highlights. 

Fresh Express Salad, $3.69
Buy One Get One Free

Sargento Shredded Cheese, $2.50 Sale
Free Publix Eggs wyb 2 Sargento Shredded Cheese (Eggs, $1.79)

Planters Nuts, $3.19
Buy One Get One Free
$2 off 2 Planters Products Target Coupon
(2) $1 Planters Products Manufacturer Coupon

McCormick Gravy, $0.75 (Regular Price)
$0.55 off 2 McCormick Mixes Publix Coupon
$0.25 off 2 McCormick Mixes Manufacturer Coupon

Saturday, December 11, 2010

JC Penny: $0.85 for a Dress Shirt

J. C. Penny

Jenny at Southern Savers posted a deal from JC Penny ( for $10 off a $10 purchase. I decided to go for this dress shirt. The regular price was $19.99. It was on sale for $10.80 (because, you know, the mall department stores are practically giving stuff away). So, I entered the coupon code and got the shirt for $0.80 before tax with free shipping to the store. 

Weekly Grocery Totals

There were no super savings this week, because there weren't coupons out there for the items I needed, but I still did well.


Spent: $20.32
Saved: $14.48
Total Value: $34.80
Percent Saved: 41%

Here are the highlights:

New England Coffee, $6.39
Buy One Get One Free

Hefty Foil Pan, $1.50 Sale

Asparaus, $2.49/lb Sale
I usually get this for $1.99/lb, but it's December...

Publix Salad Blend, $2.00 Sale

Green Beans, $0.99/lb

Kraft Chunk Cheese, $2.50 Sale
$1 off 2 Kraft Cheese Target Coupon
$1 off 2 Kraft Cheese Manufacturer Coupon


Spent: $19.17
Saved: $13.85
Total Value: $33.02
Percent Saved: 42%

The chicken and the pork were on BOGO. The canned veggies were $0.50 each. The beef ribs were on sale as well. 


Spent: $13.74

So, I went to Target to get sandpaper and foil paper, which I knew would be cheaper there. I hadn't been to this Target since they remodeled, since I started going to a newer Super Target that was on my route to work when I made the occasional trip to a Target. I thought the new "Fresh Grocery" concept would just be a little corner in the store, but they actually rearranged the entire store and was able to fit a pretty good size grocery section in the existing space. It's probably the same size as an Aldi with a pretty good selection of stuff. Assuming that most Targets are the same size, they may not need to expand their supercenters like Walmart. 

Anway, I couldn't find sandpaper. I planned to price-match the eggs and peanut butter with this week's Walgreens ad. Target wouldn't match the eggs. However, the prices were good, especially for the store-brand items. Here's what I paid for each item.

Skippy Peanut Butter, $1.75 sale
$1.50 at Walgreens Price-Match
$0.60 off Skippy Manufacturer Coupon

Dozen Eggs, $1.12
$0.99 at Walgreens (they wouldn't match it)
$0.55 off 2 dozen eggs coupon

Reynolds Aluminum Foil, $2.99
$0.75 off Reynolds Foil Manufacturer Coupon

Archer Farms (Store-Brand) Ground Italian Sausage, $2.99
$2.50 at Winn-Dixie last week but forgot to get it

Market Pantry (Store Brand) Tomato Sauce, $0.25

Market Pantry Sugar-Free Drink Mix, $2.24
BOGO on equivalent Crystal Light at Publix would be cheaper after coupons.

Market Pantry Butter, $2.89
Prices on this are going up everywhere. It's approaching $4 at Publix and Winn-Dixie while the science experiment "not butter but tastes like butter" stuff is dirt cheap. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CVS: Free Almonds Again!


I stopped by CVS today for something else I decided to give the coupon machine a try again. I got another Planters Flavor Grove coupon, so I walked out with a bag for free!

Monday, December 6, 2010

CVS: Free Almonds!



Spent: $0.00
Saved: $3.69
Total Value: $3.69
Percent Saved: 100%

These were on sale for $2.50. The Extra Care Card Coupon Center is printing out $2.50 store coupons. I walked out without spending a penny.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Walgreens: Had to Buy Extra Stuff Just to Get the Balance Above $0.00.



Spent: $0.90
Saved: $11.85
Total Value: $12.75
Percent Saved: 93%
Register Rewards (RRs) Used: $2.25
RRs Earned after Transaction: $3.00

So, this 100 count Natrol Time-Release Melatonin supplement went on sale today for $3.00 with $3.00 in RRs back, making it essentially free.  I had a $2.00 coupon to boot. Regular price is $9.99. I paid $18 for this SAME formula (Xymogren, 90 pills) at my doctor's office this summer thinking it was special. (No, the doctor wasn't overcharging me. It's $17.50 on the internet.) Walgreens also had a "Friends and Family" discount coupon for December 1, so I saved at least 15% on all of these items. The other items were just fillers to get the balance above $0.00. The cashier seemed like she was new, and she was surprised by what I was able to get. 

Natrol Melatonin Supplement, $3.00 Sale
$3.00 in Register Rewards wyb Natrol Melatonin
$2.00 Natrol Product Coupon

Walgreens Toilet Bowl Cleaner, $0.99
$0.50 each after Weekly Ad Store Coupon

Walgreens Household Gloves, $0.99

Used: $2.25 in RRs

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly Grocery Totals: Free Gas at Publix and Black Saturday at W/D


Spent: $19.40 ($59.84 including Gas Card)
Saved: $22.93 ($32.93 including Gas Card)
Total Value: $42.33 ($92.77 including Gas Card)
Percent Saved: 54% (35% including Gas Card)

Here are the other highlights:

$50 Shell Gas Card

$10 off a $50 BP, Shell, Texaco, or Hess Giftcard with a $25 purchase Publix coupon. 

Nivea Body Wash, $3.89 Sale
(3) $3.00 off Nivea Men's Wash Coupon

Blue Diamond Almonds, $3.19
Buy One Get One Free
$1.00 off Blue Diamond Coupon
$0.55 off Blue Diamond Coupon

Fresh Express Salad, $3.69
Buy One Get One Free

Some of the produce was on sale, so I got good prices there.



Spent: $17.37
Saved: $15.40
Total Value: $32.77
Percent Saved: 47%

Winn-Dixie had sort of a "Black Saturday" sale. Here are the highlights

Celery, $0.89 Sale (Unadvertised Sale)

Ground Beef, $1.99/lb (Unadvertised Sale)

Tyson Chicken Wings $4.99 (Saturday Only Special)

Yellow Onions $2.00/3lb Bag

Kraft Cheese, $0.99 (WHOA)
$1.50/2 Kraft Cheese Coupon

The ribs were on clearance and the neck bones were cheap as usual.  

Thanksgiving at Wags = Free Stuff!


So, I was able to get some of Walgreens' Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales today. They had lots of items that were free after Register Rewards, which they are calling "Jingle Cash" through Christmas. I did three transactions. The total amount spent out of pocket today was $15.59. However, I did bring in $2.25 in Register Rewards at the end and will be getting a $3.00 mail in rebate on the food chopper, which makes my actual savings about 50%.

Out of Pocket: $15.59
Saved: $12.24
Total Value: $27.43
Percent Saved: 45%

 Total "Money" Received After Transaction
Register Rewards: $2.25
Mail-in-Rebate: $3.00

Transaction #1

Crest Toothpaste, $2.99 Sale
$3.00 in Register Rewards wyb Crest Toothpaste
$1.00 Crest Toothpaste Coupon

Colgate Toothpaste, $2.99 Sale
$3.00 in Register Rewards wyb Colgate Toothpaste
$1.00 Colgate Toothpaste Coupon

Out of Pocket: $4.37
Saved: $3.00
Total Value: $7.37
Percent Saved: 41%
RR's Received: $6.00

Transaction #2

Fiber Choice Tables, $2.49
$2.50 in Register Rewards wyb Fiber Choice Tablets

Sylvania Food Chopper, $12.99 ($3 Mail-in-Rebate)

Used: $6.00 in RR's from Transaction #1

Out of Pocket: $10.33
Saved: $6.00
Total Value: $16.33
Percent Savings: 37%
RR's Received: $2.50

Transaction #3

Gum Eez Floss
$2.25 in Register Rewards wyb Gum Eez Floss

McCormick Seasoning, $0.99

Used: $2.50 in RR's from Transaction #2

Out of Pocket: $0.89
Saved: $3.24
Total Value: $4.13
Percent Savings: $75%
RR's Received: $2.25

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekly Total: Saved 62%



Spent: $17.96
Saved: $29.85
Total Value: $47.81
Percent Saved: 62%

Great week at Publix. I'll be traveling for Thanksgiving, so there is no need to purchase food for that. Here are the highlights:

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, $2.39 each
Two Free Green Giant Frozen Vegetables with a $25 Grocery Purchase Target Coupon
$0.50 off 2 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables Manufacturer Coupon

Oscar Meyer Bacon, $3.50 sale
(2) $1 off Oscar Meyer Bacon Target Coupon

Jimmy Dean Sausage, $2.50 sale
(2) $1 off Jimmy Dean Product Manufacturer Coupon

Kraft Shredded Cheese, $2.00 sale
$0.75 off Kraft Cheese Manufacturer Coupon (Target website)

Scope Mouthwash, $3.99 sale
$2.00 off Scope Manufacturer Coupon

Planters Nuts, $4.29
Buy One Get One Free
(2) $0.75 off Planters Products Target Coupon
$1 off 2 Planters Product Manufacturer Coupon

Spice World Garlic Powder, $1.00 Sale