Monday, September 13, 2010

CVS: Free Stuff after ECBs


I haven't quite figured out how I will report my CVS savings. Do I subtract the ECBs from my out of pocket expenses or do I save them for the time I redeem them? If I include the ECBs in what I spent, then I "spent" $5.85. But, I actually paid $22.83 today. Oh, well. I will figure it out someday. Either way, since I got $16.98 back in ECBs, that will make my next trip FREE. If I can score a $4 off $20 coupon in the next month, that'll be icing on the cake.

Out of Pocket (OOP): $22.83
Saved: $15.50
Total Value: $38.33
Percent Savings: 40%
ECBs Received: $16.98


Nature's Way Alive Men's Vitamins, $9.99
$9.99 in ECBs making it FREE
$1 off Alive Vitamins Coupon
That's a $1 PROFIT

Nivea Men's Wash, $4.99
$4.99 in ECBs making it FREE
$1 off Nivea Men's Wash Coupon
That's a $1 PROFIT

100oz Tide, $10.99
$2 in ECBs
$1 off Tide Coupon

Water, $3.99
Not so great given last week's $1.99 3-day sale. However, $3.99 is the most I'll pay for 24 bottles of water.

$5 off $30 CVS Purchase Coupon

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