Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drugstores: The usual free stuff.


Out of Pocket: $1.12
Saved: $20.15
Total Value: $21.27
Percent Saved: 95%
ECBs Used: $14.98
ECBs Received: $6.98

Water, Sale $2.97

Colgate Toothpaste, Sale $2.99
ECBs Earned $2.99 each
$1.00 off Colgate Coupon
$0.75 off Colgate Coupon
That's Free + Profit!

Hand Sanitizer, $2.99
$1 CVS Coupon
This was a filler to help me get rid of ECBs that expire tomorrow.

DVDs, $5.99
This was definitely not a good price, but I had ECBs to burn and I needed the DVDs for a project.

$1 ECB for reusable bag (every four transactions; one per day) 



Spent: $6.94
Saved: $14.05
Total Value: $20.99
Percent Saved: 67%

Transaction #1

Select Nivea Products, 2/$9
Received $4 in RR's with purchase of 2.
$2.00 off Men's Nivea Q10 Product Coupon
$1.00 off Nivea Body Wash Coupon

Total: $6.59

Transaction #2

Zip Lock Bags, 2/$5 
$1.25 off two Ziploc products Coupon
(The price on the freezer bags wasn't great given the quantity, but I needed the bags now).

Knee Highs, $0.25
I have to cut a piece to put over the neck hole of my saxophone. 

Used $4 RR from Transaction #1

Total: $0.35

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