Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Walgreens: Had to Buy Extra Stuff Just to Get the Balance Above $0.00.



Spent: $0.90
Saved: $11.85
Total Value: $12.75
Percent Saved: 93%
Register Rewards (RRs) Used: $2.25
RRs Earned after Transaction: $3.00

So, this 100 count Natrol Time-Release Melatonin supplement went on sale today for $3.00 with $3.00 in RRs back, making it essentially free.  I had a $2.00 coupon to boot. Regular price is $9.99. I paid $18 for this SAME formula (Xymogren, 90 pills) at my doctor's office this summer thinking it was special. (No, the doctor wasn't overcharging me. It's $17.50 on the internet.) Walgreens also had a "Friends and Family" discount coupon for December 1, so I saved at least 15% on all of these items. The other items were just fillers to get the balance above $0.00. The cashier seemed like she was new, and she was surprised by what I was able to get. 

Natrol Melatonin Supplement, $3.00 Sale
$3.00 in Register Rewards wyb Natrol Melatonin
$2.00 Natrol Product Coupon

Walgreens Toilet Bowl Cleaner, $0.99
$0.50 each after Weekly Ad Store Coupon

Walgreens Household Gloves, $0.99

Used: $2.25 in RRs

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