Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winn-Dixie: You can't buy Zicam for less than this!


Spent: $21.02
Saved: $30.60
Total Value: $51.62
Percent Saved: 59%

I did a mid-week shopping trip, which I usually don't do unless I run out of something. However, I felt a cold coming on and knew that W/D had a BOGO on Zicam, which seems to have worked well for me in the past. I decided to stock up on some meat in order to use the $5/$30 coupon. When I came home and read the Sedano's ad in the Redplum home mailer, I realized I could have gotten the chicken quarters for $0.39/lb (as opposed to W/D's $0.90/lb) and the broccoli for $0.99 (as opposed to $2.00). Oh, well. The $5 coupon helped compensate for that. Furthermore, you just aren't going to beat that Zicam price anywhere. My total before the $5/$30 coupon was $30.02. Talk about precision! 

Zicam, $11.49
Buy One Get One Free
(2) $2 Zicam Cold Remedy Plus Manufacturer Coupon

Chicken Leg Quarters, $1.79/lb
Buy One Get One Free

Beef Short Ribs, $2.49/lb Sale

Broccoli Bunch, $2.00 Sale

Celery, $1.29 Sale

$5 off $30 Purchase Winn-Dixie Coupon

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