Sunday, April 17, 2011

CVS Giftcard Stretcher: Cheap Shampoo


Gift Card Beginning Balance: $10.75
Spent: $0.74
Saved: $5.99
Total Value: $6.73
Percent Saved: 89%

ECBs Used: $0.00
ECBs Earned: $2.00

Gift Card End Balance: $10.01

This was supposed to be a sales tax only trip. I went in with $3 in ECBs, but I got overage on a free item coupon I had for the hand sanitizer, which didn't allow me to use the ECBs. Well, at least I have $5.00 in ECBs now!

Head & Shoulders Shampoo, $4.79 Sale
$2 in ECBs wyb Head & Shoulders Shampoo
$2 off Head & Shoulders Shampoo Manufacturer Coupon

Essence of Beauty Hand Sanitizer, $1.77
Free Essence of Beauty Product CVS Coupon (up to $3.99)
Yeah, I got the least girly looking/smelling bottle. Too bad there was no full size of it available. 

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