Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grocery Round-Up: 20lbs of Chicken for $7.80!


Spent: $14.23
Saved: $8.50
Total Value: $22.73
Percent Saved: 37%

When calculating how much you saved, you are calculating your savings based on the highest amount for which the item was sold at that particular store. When you compare the prices of the produce I got to the typical sale price of these items at Publix or Winn-Dixie, I think the savings are greater.

Chicken Leg Quarters, $0.39/lb (got 2 bags)
(Currently on sale for $0.89/lb at Winn-Dixie)

Broccoli, $1.89
(Typically goes on sale for $2.00 at P and W/D but can go lower during peak season)

Celery, $0.50
(Was on sale for $0.99 at Publix in the previous cycle; regular price at Sedano's is $0.99)

Zucchini Squash, $0.59/lb
(Sale price is using $0.99/lb at other stores)

Yellow Onion, $0.59/lb
(Typically on sale at other stores for $0.99/lb)

Green Peppers, $0.99/lb
(Typically $1.49-$2.49/lb at other stores)

They had tomatoes for $0.59 but they were out. I guess the shortage and the really low price caused a sell-out.

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