Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walgreens: Free Splenda!


Spent: $1.28
Saved: $5.70
Total Value: $6.98
Percent Saved: 82%

I got free Splenda at Walgreens. I was hoping to get the packets, since 98% of the time, I'm using this in coffee, but the shelf was clear. I took the last box of granulated that they had of this size to use with the sale and coupon. I planned to swing by Walgreens on the way to church this morning, but that didn't quite work out. Happy Easter everyone!

Splenda, 3.8 oz Granulated or 100 packets, $2.99 Sale
$3 off Splenda Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it FREE!)

Eggs, $1.29 Sale

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