Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sedano's: Always Cheap Meat and Produce


Spent: $19.81

Sedano's is a South Florida based supermarket. They carry all of the traditional grocery store items, but they also carry a lot of popular Latin American foods. They also have a cool cafe/restaurant, which is typical of Latin American food stores. Sedano's tends to have very good meat and produce prices, even when they aren't "on sale." You can check out their weekly ad (July 20 - July 26) for all the details on their sales this week. 

If you eat boneless, skinless chicken breasts, this is the week to check out this store. They are $0.99/lb. However, you must purchase $10 in groceries not including the chicken breasts in order to get the deal. You can get a lot of other cheap produce and meat to meet that threshold.

I see other people put this on their blogs, so I guess I will say it too. I was not approached nor was I compensated for that plug. Totally free advertising from me! :-)

Here's what I got: 

73/27 Ground Chuck, $1.99/lb
Other Supermarket Price: $2.49 to $3.69/lb
Getting ground beef for that price or lower is becoming more difficult, so I bought 3 packs.

Beef Chuck Ribs, $2.49/lb - $2.99/lb
Other Supermarket Price: $2.49 - $3.99/lb

Cabbage, $0.33/lb
Other Supermarket Price: $1.49/lb

Plum Tomatoes, $0.99/lb
Other Supermarket Price: $1.29/lb
They had "salad tomatoes" for $0.59/lb, but I didn't care too much for them.

Yellow Onion, $0.69/lb
Other Supermarket Price: $0.99/lb - $1.29/lb
They had a 2lb bag of small yellow onions for $0.89/lb, but I didn't want to pick through and through until I found a perfect bag.

Green Bell Pepper, $1.99/lb 
Other Supermarket Price: $2.49/lb

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