Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grocery Round-Up

Spent: $19.72
Saved: $10.21
Total Value: $29.93
Percent Saved: 34%

Yep. This wasn't an impressive coupon week at Publix. Actually, I planned to go to Sedano's to get their $0.29/lb chicken leg quarters after a $10 purchase. They also had some good produce prices. However, they didn't have the chicken, so I left and went to Publix and pretty much paid MORE for everything else. Well, except for the breakfast meat. Here are the highlights...

Carolina Pride Bacon, $3.00 Sale
$0.50 off Carolina Pride Bacon Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $2.50 each)

Carolina Pride Smoked Sausage, $3.49
Buy One Get One Free
(2) $0.50 Carolina Pride Smoked Sausage Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.25 each)

Fresh Express Salad, $3.99
Buy One Get One Free
(Made it $2.00 each) 

Spent: $8.35
Saved: $2.08
Total Value: $10.43
Percent Saved: 20%

I wasn't planning on going to Winn-Dixie, but Sedano's didn't have the chicken I intended to buy. There's also a candy bar included that I ended up eating before I got home. So, I was able to get a pretty decent deal on the steak and also tried this pre-seasoned fish. I haven't had too much luck with store pre-seasoned meat, but I tried this. It was bad. Thankfully, it was only $1.49. 

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