Sunday, August 28, 2011

Publix: Half Off is Good

Spent: $20.79
Saved: $20.09
Total Value: $40.88
Percent Saved: 49%

There were some nice finds. With all of the meat I bought this week and the breakfast meat from this week, I think I am set for a little bit in the meat department. I could have gotten a better deal on olive oil with the Filippo Berio brand olive oil, but the online coupons aren't working. I think it is a MacOS Lion issue because I didn't have this problem before I upgraded about a week ago. I tried Safari and FireFox and had the same problem. Oh well...


$5 off $30 Purchase Winn-Dixie Coupon

Kleenex Cottonelle Wipes, $2.69
Free Cottonelle Wipes Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it FREE!)

Fresh Garden Salad, $3.99
Buy One Get One Free
(Made it $2.00 each)

Hormel Canadian Bacon, $3.00 Sale
$1.50 off Hormel Canadian Bacon Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.50 each)

Crisco Olive Oil, $5.79
$1.00 off Crisco Olive Oil Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $4.79 each)

Carolina Pride Bacon, $3.99
$0.50 off Carolina Pride Bacon Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $3.49)

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