Monday, August 1, 2011

Walgreens: Good Deal w/ Frustrations

Spent: $10.41
Saved: $12.74
Total Value: 23.15
Percent Saved: 55%

I heard about the Cottonelle Catalina deal  and decided to use that to buy some shampoo that had some Register Rewards. I made this two transactions, buying the toilet paper first and the shampoo second. I received a "$3.50 off next purchase" Catalina from the toilet paper. Well, the shampoo was two for $8 with $2 in RRs afterwards. I had a BOGO coupon to go with that. I should have walked with only a $0.50 out of pocket on Transaction #2. However, Walgreens' register decided to charge me $5.99 and $2.01 for the shampoos instead of $4 each. So, I ended up paying $3 out of pocket for the shampoo because the BOGO coupon subtracted $2.01 instead of $4 from my total. The price was still decent given that the 14.2 ounce bottle is $7.29 each at Target this week. Walgreens needs to fix this as I am not the only person who has had this problem with this transaction. 

Transaction #1

Spent: $7.40
Saved: $3.25
Total Value: $10.65
Percent Saved: 31%

(2) Cottonelle 12 Pack Toilet Paper, $5
(2) $1 off Cottonelle Walgreens Coupon
$0.75 off Cottonelle Manufactuer Coupon
$0.50 off Cottonelle Manufacturer Coupon
$3.50 off your next purchase Catalina Coupon

(Made it $3.38 each not including Catalina)

Transaction #2

Head & Shoulders Shampoo, $4.00 each
(Charged $5.99 for one and $2.01 for the other)
Buy One Get One Free Manufacturer Coupon
Used $3.50 Catalina from Transaction #1
$2 in Register Rewards with two Head & Shoulders Purchase
(Made it $1.24 each)

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