Thursday, September 8, 2011

CVS: Completely FREE!!!!!

Spent: $0.00
Saved: $4.08
Total Value: $4.08
Percent Saved: 100%

So, my total before tax came to -$0.13. After $0.15 in sales tax, my total was $0.02. I gave the cashier a quarter, and she said, "oh, I have two pennies right here." So, I walked out of CVS owing NOTHING.

Orbit Gum, 14 count, $1.37
Buy One Get One Free
$1.00 off Orbit Gum CVS Coupon
$0.50 off two Orbit Gum Manufacturer Coupon
(Made both FREE!)

Dove Candy Bar, $0.79
Free Dove Candy Bar CVS Coupon
(Made it FREE!)

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