Friday, December 2, 2011

Office Depot: $20 off Ink!

Spent: $37.37
Saved: $21.61
Total Value: $58.98
Percent Saved: 37%

Rewards Earned: $3.73

As we all know, ink is very expensive. You can literally walk out of the store with a brand new printer for less than it would cost to replace all of the cartridges in your current printer. Well, the office stores are the best place to buy ink. Sometimes, the ink is even $1 or $2 cheaper there than they would be at the supercenters. Unlike the supercenters, the office stores will match their online store prices. I got 10% back in Office Depot Star Teacher Rewards with the purchase of ink, which I believe is the same offer as their regular rewards program. However, the 10% is the after-coupon price.  Furthermore, I get $2.00 in rewards for every cartridge I recycle, so I will be bringing those in soon. 

Coupons Used:

$10 off $50 purchase Office Depot Coupon
$11.61 in Rewards

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