Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winn-Dixie: Free Salad

Spent: $9.35
Saved: $7.15
Total Value: $16.15
Percent Saved: 43%

This was a small, but good purchase. Winn-Dixie has usually had the 40 count Truvia Sweetener on sale for $2.99, which would have gotten me a really good deal with my coupon, but this time, the unadvertised deal was on the 80 count box. However, this is a good deal for a natural product.

Dole Spinach, $1.50 Sale
$1.50 off two Dole Salad Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $0.75 each)

Regular Ground Beef, $2.49/lb
(This is $1.98/lb at Alberston's this week, but it's too far away for me).

Truvia Sweetener, 80 count, $5.99
$1 off Truvia Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $4.99)

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