Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tropical Supermarket (IGA): Super Cheap Meat!

Spent: $25.34

This store is called Tropical Supermarket, which is part of the IGA chain. There were some killer meat deals at this store, some of which were unadvertised. I'll try to compare some of the prices to what you would pay at Publix, Winn-Dixie, and some other stores.

Hormel Bacon, $2.50 Sale (WOW!)
Publix/Winn-Dixie Usual Sale Price = Approx $3.99

Split Chicken Breasts, $0.57/lb (WOW!)
On Sale at Winn-Dixie for $1.49/lb this week.

Ground Beef, $1.99/lb (WOW!)
Albertson's is usually the only store that will beat this at $1.88/lb; Winn-Dixie's lowest price has been $2.49/lb; Publix has a current sale of $2.79/lb ; Aldi is about $2.29/lb.

Beef Chuck Steak, $2.67/lb Sale
I am unsure of the competitors' price, but the package of 3 steaks were a little over $5, making each serving about $1.70 each.

One Dozen Large Eggs, $1.67 each (3/$5.00)
Medium eggs were $0.99 but were out of stock. Winn-Dixie has their large eggs for the same price this week. Regular price at Publix is $2.10 or so. W-D's regular price is $2.20 or so. Aldi was $1.59 last week.

Celery, $0.57
On sale at Publix for $0.99.

Yellow Onions, $0.97 for 2lb bag. 
Most likely $0.99 for 1 pound at Publix and Winn-Dixie. 

Broccoli Bunch, $1.78
On sale at Publix and Winn-Dixie for $2.50. 

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