Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sedano's: No Coupons & Still DESTROY "Discount" Store Prices

Spent: $14.45

There is an Aldi pretty much next door to Sedano's. Aldi would have been a rip-off. Sedano's used to let you get two bags of leg quarters when they have this sale, but I found out at the register that it is only one. Oh, well. I think I'm stocked up for February. My total before the chicken was $10.55. Awesome!

Chicken Leg Quarters, 10lbs, $0.39/lb with a $10 purchase.
(Aldi Price: $0.79/lb per pound FROZEN)

Smoked Pork Neckbones, $2.99/lb
Buy One Get One Free
(Made it $1.50/lb)
(Aldi Price: Aldi doesn't sell it)

Tomatoes, $0.89/lb
(This was a HUGE tomato, so hard to compare to Aldi)

Green Cabbage, $0.29/lb
(Unaware of Aldi's price on this).

Green Peppers, $1.17/lb
(Most likely $1.50 or so at Aldi for two).

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