Saturday, March 31, 2012

Publix: Massive Savings (Gourmet Coffee for $1.50)!

Spent: $22.46
Saved: $43.53
Total Value: $65.99
Percent Saved: 66%

This was a really outstanding week at Publix. The best deal to me was the Gevalia Coffee. This is usually in the spot of the coffee aisle with Starbucks and stuff for $8.99/bag, and I got it for $1.50! The Ragu pasta sauce was also a good deal. I got it for $0.83. If I had printed the $1.00/2 Target coupon when I saw it earlier in the week, I could have gotten it for $0.33 each!

(2) Gevalia Coffee, $8.99
Buy One Get One Free Sale
(2) $1.00 off Gevalia Coffee Target Coupon
(2) $2.00 off Gevalia Coffee Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.50 each)

(2) Ragu Pasta Sauce, $2.65
Buy One Get One Free Sale
(2) $0.50 off Ragu Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $0.83 each)

(8) Del Monte Canned Vegetables, $1.39 
Buy One Get One Free Sale
(2) $1.00 off four Del Monte Canned Vegetables
(Made it $0.45 each)

(2) Hellman's Mayonnaise, 30 oz, $5.25
Buy One Get One Free Sale
(2) $1.00 off Hellman's Mayo Coupon
(Made it $1.63 each) 

(2) Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage, $3.00 Sale
$1.00 off two Johnsonville Sausage Publix Coupon
(2) $0.85 off Johnsonville Sausage Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.65 each)

(2) Reynold's Foil, 75 ft, $2.99 Sale
(2) $1.50 off Reynold's Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.50 each)

Onion, $1.49/lb

Plum Tomato, $0.79/lb

Green Pepper, $1.99/lb

Small Fill-In Deals

Spent: $3.50
Saved: $3.86
Total Value: $7.36
Percent Saved: 52%

I was at Walmart getting some home improvement supplies on Wednesday and decided to save a trip to Publix and do a price match on some butter. The Walmart price was $3.68 and it was on sale (through Wednesday) for $2.50. The regular price at Publix is usually $4 and change. 

(2) Land O Lakes Butter, 16 oz, $3.68
Price Match Publix = $2.50
(2) $0.75 off Land O Lakes Butter
(Made it $1.75 each)

Spent: $0.62
Saved: $2.49
Total Value: $3.11
Percent Saved: 80%

I got this deal at Walgreens today. It was on sale for $0.99 plus tax.

(2) Trident Layers Gum, $0.99 Sale
$0.50 off Trident Layers Walgreens Coupon
Buy One Get One Free Trident Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $0.25 each)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winn-Dixie: Good Deals and $1.00/gal off Gas!

Spent: $21.55
Saved: $19.05
Total Value: $40.60
Percent Saved: 47%

fuelperks! Earned: $0.15/gal
fuelperks! to Date: $1.00/gal

There were a small number of good deals this week at Winn-Dixie. I love beef back ribs, so $1.99/lb is the sweet spot price for them. I picked up most of my meat and produce for the week from Tropical Supermarket yesterday. They had chicken leg quarters for $0.59/lb as well as $1.99/lb ground beef. I met another $50 threshold for fuelperks!, so I got the $0.05/gal off.

(2) Dole Baby Spinach, $3.00 Sale
$0.10/gal in fuelperks! for every two purchased
(2) $1.00 off Dole Salad Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $2.00 each)

(2) Filippo Berio Olive Oil, $6.99
Buy One Get One Free
(2) $1.00 off Filippo Berio Olive Oil
(Made it $2.50 each)

Winn-Dixie Canned Vegetables, $0.70 Sale

Daisy Sour Cream, $1.25 Sale

Winn-Dixie White Vinegar, $1.00 Sale

Badia Garlic Powder, $1.79

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Publix: Last Minute Deals

Spent: $5.57
Saved: $16.57
Total Value: $22.14
Percent Saved: 75%

I went into Publix to get some items I needed before the sale cycle ended. I discovered an omelet recipe that called for feta cheese, and the cheese happened to be on sale at the same time! :-) I was hoping my special order for the Blue Diamond Honey Roasted Flavor would come in, but it didn't. So, I ended up just getting other flavors. I have a raincheck for when my special order arrives. In the meantime, I got the BOGO ones from Walgreens (that were $3.79). I came out pretty well!

(4) Blue Diamond Almonds, $3.19
Buy One Get One Free
(4) $1.00 Blue Diamond Almonds Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $0.60 each)

(2) Athenos Feta Cheese, $4.69
Buy One Get One Free
(2) $0.75 Athenos Feta Cheese  Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.60 each)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winn-Dixie: Cheap Meat & Cheap Gas

Spent: $44.66
Saved: $54.77
Total Value: $99.43
Percent Saved: 55%

fuelperks! earned: $0.40/gal
fuelperks! to date: $0.85/gal

This was a good week for gas deals at Winn-Dixie with their fuelperks! program. Remember, if you are not willing to pay the given price for the item if it didn't have fuelperks! attached, then the item is not worth purchasing. For example, I am not going pay $6.00 for a Schick razor at Winn-Dixie that will get me $0.10 off per gallon ($1.20 for me) when I can get that same razor for $0.00-$4.00 at CVS. That is the key to maximizing your success. I did buy another $50.00 Shell gift card (not included in total), which got me $0.15/gal plus the $0.05/gal from spending $50.00. The gas money has already been allocated in my budget, so I'm merely purchasing it in advance. 

$5.00 off $55.00 Purchase Winn-Dixie Coupon

$50.00 Shell Gift Card
$0.15/gal in fuelperks! for every one
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! for every $50.00 spent 

Brawny Paper Towels, $6.49 Sale
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! for one
$1.00 off Brawny Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $5.49)

(2) Planter's Peanut Butter, $2.50 Sale
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! for every two
(2) $1.00 off Planter's Peanut Butter Manufacturer Coupons
(Made it $1.50 each)

(2) Kraft Shredded Cheese, 8 ou, $2.50 Sale
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! for every two
$0.50 off two Kraft Shredded Cheese Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $2.25 each)
(I missed the Catalina deal on

(2) Dole Spinach, $2.00 Sale
(2) $1.00 Dole Salad Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.00 each)

Chuck Roast, $5.39/lb ($24.69 each)
Buy One Get One Free
(Made it $2.69/lb or $12.35 each)

Pork Chops, $4.99/lb ($7.06 each)
Buy One Get One Free
(Made it $2.00/lb or $3.53 each)

Jumbo Sweet Onions, $0.99/lb Sale

Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage, $2.50 Sale
$0.55 off Hillshire Sausage Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.95)

Publix: $0.99 Truvia and $0.25 Pasta

Spent: $22.04
Saved: $12.99
Total Value: $35.05
Percent Saved: 37%

My totals weren't that great at Publix this week, but I had some good deals on some items. I think I can stop buying Truvia sweetener now... Here are the highlights. 
(4) Truvia Sweetener, 40 ct, $3.99 (Raincheck)
Buy One Get One Free
(4) $1.00 off Truvia Manufacturer Coupons
(Made it $0.99 each)

(2) Mueller's Pasta, $1.59
Buy One Get One Free
(2) $0.55 off Mueller's Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $0.25 each)

Kraft Mayo, $5.17
Buy One Get One Free
(Made it $2.59 each)

Eat Smart Vegetables, $1.67 Sale

Fresh Green Beans, $1.69/lb Sale
($0.99/lb at Winn-Dixie)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Winn-Dixie: Sweet Deals and Gas Discount $0.45/gal

Spent: $13.22
Saved: $8.67
Total Value: $21.89
Percent Saved: 40%

fuelperks! Earned: $0.35/gal
fuelperks! Total to Date: $0.45/gal

The total price does not include the gas card. The gas card earned me $0.15/gal in fuelperks! in addition to $0.05/gal for meeting my $50 threshold.

Pure Via Sweetener, 40 ct, $1.99 Sale
$1.00 off Pure Via Manufacturer Coupon 
(Made it $0.99)

Dole Iceberg Salad, $1.99 Sale
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! for each purchase

(2) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, $2.00 Sale
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! for every two purchased
(2) $1.00 off Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.00 each)

Winn-Dixie Eggs, 30 ct, $3.99
(Made it $1.59 per dozen)

Broccoli, $2.00 Sale

Publix: Plan Reorganization

Spent: $14.41
Saved: $13.70
Total Value: $28.11
Percent Saved: 49%

So, I had all of these plans in mind. I was going to buy what I thought were BOGO Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, but they were not included. The base price on the BOGO Emerald Mixed Nuts was too much. They didn't not have 100% whole grain included on the Uncle Ben's Rice BOGO. That resulted in me reconfiguring my plan as well as my lunch plans for the week right in the store. I will go with the hamburgers again. Thankfully, I already have a supply of all of the items I need for that. I had two more coupons for the bacon than I intended to use, so I left that on the shelf for someone else. 

(2) Smithfield Bacon, $3.33 Sale
(2) $1.00 off Smithfield Bacon Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $2.33 each)

(2) Ziploc Bags, 24, $2.50 Sale
$1.00 off two Ziploc Bags Publix Coupon
$1.00 off two Ziploc Bags Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.50 each)

Sargento Shredded Cheese, 16 oz, $4.99 Sale
$1.00 off Any Brand Cheese 1 pound or more (Florida only) Coupon
(Made it $4.00)

Premium Tomato, $1.29/lb Sale

Publix: Cheap Cheap Cheap

Spent: $4.21
Saved: $6.49
Total Value: $10.70
Percent Saved: 61%

So, this was from last week's sale circular. I was planning to get the super deal on Truvia sweetener, but the store was out of stock. I was planning to visit another store and then combine the two trips for the purposes of this blog, but that didn't quite work out. What I did get was a good deal though. The Al Fresco Chicken Sausage is REALLY good. I've never had it before. 

Plum Tomato, $0.99/lb

Al Fresco Breakfast Chicken Sausage, $3.49
Buy One Get One Free Sale
(2) $1.00 off Al Fresco Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $0.75 each)

Hillshire Farms Sausage Links, $3.00
$1.00 off Hillshire Farm Target coupon
(Made it $2.00)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Winn-Dixie: Free Spinach and Laundry Detergent; $0.10 off gas

Spent: $13.03
Saved: $17.95
Total Value: $30.98
Percent Saved: 58%

fuelperks! Earned in Trip: $0.10/gal 
fuelperks! to Date: $0.10/gal

*Totals include amount I will get back through a rebate.

So, today I scored three free deals. The spinach expires on tomorrow. It was on sale for $2.00. There was a $1.00 store coupon on the package. I had $1.00 manufacturer coupons. That equals FREE! Hopefully it will last a little longer than the package indicates. :-)

(2) Dole Spinach, $2.00 Sale
(2) $1.00 off Winn-Dixie Coupon (due to expiration)
(2) $1.00 Dole Salad Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it Free!)

Arm & Hammer Toss 'n Done, $5.49 Sale
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! with one
"Try Me Free" Rebate on Package
(Made it Free!)

(2) Sargento Shredded Cheese, 8 oz, $2.50 Sale
$0.05 in fuelperks! wyb two 
(not the best price, but I needed cheese)

Beef Back Ribs, $1.99/lb Sale

Winn-Dixie Ground Italian Sausage, $3.33 Sale

Winn-Dixie Apple Cider Vinegar, $1.00 Sale

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tropical Supermarket: Cheap Local Finds

Spent: $25.26

Tropical Supermarket is a locally-owned, IGA-affiliated grocer in Orlando. They had some great advertised deals on meat and produce as well as some great unadvertised deals. They don't really calculate the "amount saved" well on their receipts, so I will compare their prices to wait you would pay at the big stores.

Chicken Leg Quarters, $0.49/lb
($0.99/lb this week at Winn-Dixie)

Ground Beef, $1.99/lb
(Ground Chuck is $3.49/lb this week at Publix; Usually $2.49/lb when on sale at Winn-Dixie; Usually $2.39/lb or so at Aldi)

Bell Pepper, $0.79/lb
(Usually $1.99/lb-$2.49/lb at Publix and Winn-Dixie)

Green Cabbage, $0.39/lb
(Approximately $0.79/lb at Publix and Winn-Dixie)

Yellow Onions, 2-lb Bag, $1.29 ($0.65/lb)
(Usually $0.99-$1.29/lb at Publix)

Broccoli, $1.79
($0.99 at Aldi this week; Sale price is usually $2.00-$2.50 at Publix and Winn-Dixie)

IGA Aluminum Foil, 75 sq ft, $1.79

Friday, March 2, 2012

Winn-Dixie: Cheap Creamer & $1.00/gal off Gas!

Spent: $13.77
Saved: $15.83
Total Value: $29.60
Percent Saved: 53%

fuelperks! Earned: $0.40/gal
fuelperks! Earned To Date: $1.00/gal

The way to maximize your savings with the Winn-Dixie/Shell fuelperks! program is only to buy items that are being sold at a good price. Some of the items are not well priced, defeating the purpose of the savings. Overpaying for a grocery item to offset your gas bill doesn't make sense

I was able to score some good deals on the few things I bought. I also got a $50.00 Shell gas card that I did not in the totals. You get $0.15/gal in fuelperks! in addition to receiving $0.05 per $50.00 spent this week for each card purchased. If you do a monthly budget, you can essentially buy your gas in advance and save $0.20/gal while doing so.

I did this in two transactions. There was a Catalina deal on the coffee creamer. Too bad I missed out on the $1.85/3 internet coupon for this, but I still came out well. Considering the $4.00 Catalina I got back, I only really paid $0.21 for each bottle of creamer. 

Transaction #1

(4) Nestle Coffee-Mate Creamers, 16 ou, $1.67 Sale
$0.75 off two Coffee-Mate Manufacturer Coupon
(2) $0.55 off Coffee-Mate Manufacturer Coupon
$4.00 to Spend on Next Purchase wyb four Coffee-Mate
(Made it $1.21 each)

Transaction #2

Used $4.00 Catalina Coupon from Transaction #1

$50.00 Shell Gas Card
$0.15/gal in fuelperks! for every card purchased

Winn-Dixie Sandwich Bags, 100 ct, $2.99
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! for every item purchased

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, $0.88 Sale
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! for every item purchased

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, $0.88 Sale
$0.05/gal in fuelperks! for every item purchased

Ruffies Trash Bags, $2.59
Buy One Get One Free
(Made it $1.30 each)

Winn-Dixie French Beans, $0.70 Sale

Sweet Onions, $1.29/lb

Beef Spare Ribs, $1.99/lb Sale

Winn-Dixie Large Dozen Eggs, $1.50 Sale
(Will be $1.29 at Walgreens on Sunday)