Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bi-Lo: Wouldn't Be Free in Florida

Spent: $0.04 (sales tax)
Saved: $1.79
Total Value: $1.83
Percent Saved: 100%

Well, I made a visit to South Carolina this weekend, where grocery shopping is WAY more competitive than Florida. All traditional grocery stores (Publix, Bi-Lo, Piggly Wiggly, Kroger, and Food Lion) double coupons with values up to $0.50. They also have half-price BOGO. Items that are Buy One Get One Free ring up at half the price, negating the necessity to buy two items. That helps if you only have one coupon. However, Florida has a slight an advantage with true BOGO if you have BOGO coupons. Publix also has the Publix Penny Item promotion on Wednesdays that they don't have in their Florida stores or Georgia stores that are on the border with Florida. Unfortunately, there weren't too many good deals for items I use, so I just gone one. Well, at least it was free!

Dawn Dish Soap, $1.00 Sale
$0.50 off Dawn Manufacturer Coupon (doubles to $1.00)
(Made it FREE!)

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