Monday, May 21, 2012

Walgreens: Free is Good

Spent: $10.71
Saved: $26.00
Total Value: $36.71
Percent Saved: 71%

This was done in three transactions. I only planned to do two, but I learned that if you buy the same Register Reward item in a transaction, only one of them will print. Thankfully, they gave me a refund and I was able to separate the items and get both Register Rewards. Luck would have it that Walgreen's equivalent of Cerave face wash was on clearance, so I used the Register Rewards to get them for free! I had to buy a $0.10 piece of candy to cover the negative balance!

Transaction #1 and #2

Sleep Sheets, $4.99 Sale
$5.00 in Register Rewards

Transaction #3

(2) Walgreen's Hydrating Cleanser, $4.99 
(2) $5.00 Register Rewards

Laffy Taffy, $0.10

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