Saturday, October 20, 2012

Publix: $10 off Gas Card, Sweet Deals!

Food and Gas Card

Spent: $75.79
Saved: $60.27
Total Value: $136.06
Percent Saved: 44%

Food Only

Spent: $35.79
Saved: $50.27
Total Value: $86.06
Percent Saved: 58%

This was certainly a great week. Publix has upped their purchase price on the gas card deal from $25 to $50. There was finally enough stuff to buy a good prices to meet that $50 threshold. I could have scored better deals on the pasta sauce and cookies, but I missed the internet coupons on them when they were available. However, I know what I will be bringing to all of the potluck events I will be attending as we enter the holiday season!

$50 Shell Gift Card
$10.00 off $50.00 Gas Card with $50 Grocery Purchase Publix Coupon
(Made it $40.00)

(2) Yoplait Smoothies, $2.00 Sale
$2.00 off two Yoplait Smoothie Publix Coupon
(2) $0.75 off Yoplait Smoothie Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $0.25 each)

(4) Ragu Pasta Sauce, 45 oz, $3.79
Buy One Get One Free Sale
(2) $1.50 off two Ragu Pasta Sauce Publix Coupon
(Made it $1.15 each)

(4) Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough, $3.49
Buy One Get One Free
(2) $1.25 off Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.12 each)

(2) Eckrich Smoked Sausage, $2.99
Buy One Get One Free Sale
(2) $0.55 off Eckrich Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $0.95 each)

(2) Peter Pan Peanut Butter, $3.59
Buy One Get One Free Sale
(Made it $1.80 each)

(2) Nathan's Beef Franks, $5.29
Buy One Get One Free Sale
(2) $1.00 off Nathan's Franks Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.65 each)

(2) Coffeemate Natural Bliss Creamer, 16 oz, $1.67 Sale
(2) $1.00 off Coffeemate Natural Bliss Creamer Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $0.67 each)

Cabot Cheese, 8 oz, $2.50 Sale
(2) $1.00 Cabot Cheese Manufacturer Coupon
(Made it $1.50 each)

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